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  • Superior range - Triples the coverage in comparison to conventional access points.
  • Uniform coverage - Beamforming technology maintains high quality signals in NLOS conditions, thus enabling uniform coverage of the entire area. This creates a larger addressable market per base station.
  • Increased throughput - The superior link gain provides higher throughput and network capacity. Further more, the SDMA technology doubles the downlink capacity per base station.
  • Superior interference mitigation - The inherent spatial filtering of the beamforming technology and the unique dynamic interference handling capabilities ensure good operation even in noisy environments

             We are a Broadband Wireless Equipment supplier company with robust, cost effective and scalable solutions for carrier class networks. Our products are designed to build, implement and expand carried class networks for high speed internet access, enterprise networks, VPN, primary links for the last mile and backhaul traffic between cell towers and multiple access points.
           We are a Wireless ISP (WISP) operating for the past 3 years, with a License Support. We have over five Years of experience in Wireless Equipment and providing Solutions used by Government, Corporate and Institutional Clients. Our Services Include VPN, WLAN, Point to Point Links and Internet Connectivity all managed remotely from our end.


Our Mission
To develop and provide Innovative Communication Technologies and Solutions to our customers

Our High Speed Broadband Connection for home and commercial user
Leased Line 1:1 and 1:2 for corporate clients and intuitional clients
VPN Connectivity for e-Governance 
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